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Black holes

& Revelations

12 November 1989
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11:11, a perfect circle, aaron north, adam lazzara, afi, alcohol, america, art, band shirts, beaches, bill kaulitz, blankets, blink-182, books, boys kissing, brady corbet, brand new, brian lane, bright eyes, britney spears, buddyhead, cameras, car rides, cassettes, cds, coffee and cigarettes, concerts, converses, craig nicholls, dancing, deja entendu, derrick sherman, dirty pretty things, driving, dvds, edward norton, eternal sunshine, eyeliner, fall out boy, fanfiction, fight club, fight off your demons, films, france, friends, garrett tierney, gerard way, getting letters, glasses, glitter, good charlotte, guitar, hair dye, hearts, hello kitty, horror movies, hugs, icons, italy, jack off jill, jeordie white, jeremy kyle, jesse lacey, jessicka fodera, john 5, john nolan, journals, joy division, kevin devine, kill hannah, laptops, laughing, lip rings, lollipops, london, lostprophets, loud music, love, lowercases & capitals, lyrics, manchester orchestra, marilyn manson, mcfly, michael pitt, micheal moore, mike sapone, msn, music, my chemical romance, my ruin, myspace, mysterious skin, new found glory, nine inch nails, parties, patrick wolf, photobooths, photography, pianos, piercings, placebo, poetry, posters, quotes, radiohead, reading, records, rise against, road trips, scary movies, screaming, scribbling, skateboarding, sleepovers, smiling, songwriters, south park, straylight run, sunglasses, sunshine, taking back sunday, tattoos, tdagarim, the cure, the horrors, the pixies, the spooky kids, the vines, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, trains, traveling, travelling, travis keller, trent reznor, twiggy ramirez, video games, vinnie accardi, vinyl, wednesday 13, will and grace, writing, your favorite weapon